White Trash

White Trash

white trash finalOk, so I have an obsession with vintage scales, and I believe this one is particularly awesome!!  I do not profess to be a collector by any means, I simply love them.  Thank you to Elizabeth and the Crow for allowing me to photograph this beauty, I knew immediately  it must be featured with a special treat.white trash #3

I first encountered White Trash several years ago at our annual Christmas Bunco and instantly became addicted, and my beloved friend Sandy is my enabler.  I will devour the entire batch if left alone with that bowl of yumminess!  Just Sinful!!  I know many who have become addicted just like me…..you know who you are!!  If you can measure, melt, stir and break apart, this is the recipe for you.  Quick and easy, this is another crowd pleaser during the holiday season.white trash end

I am certain that if you’re not a chocolate lover, you could substitute Reese’s pieces for the M & M’s. (but why on earth, would you??)  I hope each of you have a peaceful Christmas and a wonderful 2014!!  Thanks again for stopping by!

White Trash


24 ounce Almond Bark Vanilla Coating

2 cups each of:

Corn Chex

Rice Chex

Salted Peanuts


Small Pretzels

M & M’s


  1. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl
  2. Melt the vanilla coating according to package directions
  3. Pour bark over dry ingredients
  4. Stir gently until coated
  5. Pour out onto wax paper and allow to harden
  6. Break into pieces
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